Forget me Notts – Why we need help – February 2019

Most of us take our lives for granted, we make nice home for ourselves and family, a car or two on the drive, eat out occasionally, we rarely see outside of this little bubble and most of us are happy with our lot.

You may find it eyeopening that those that are not so privileged are leading very different lives, and many of us think that our social services system is there for these people and step in to help, regrettably in many cases it doesn’t or can’t with funding reduced from strapped councils this takes weeks, and even if successful, and certainly with no immediacy. Is is well published the child 

INDEPENDENT – August 2017 

GUARDIAN – June 2018


We thought that we’d share some of these stories with you, and whilst anonymous are no less harrowing.

Domestic Violence Referrals

On Monday last week we completed an emergency referral where a mum her three kids, one who is severely autistic, and grandma had fled their home due to domestic violence. They arrived at the doors of the social workers in the town with nothing and we were able to give them a bed and hand knitted blanket . This is just the start and once the family have been assigned a social worker we will re visit.

A second family had been travelling between B&Bs for 6 months again after fleeing from domestic violence, probably one of the most common contributing factors that we see through our referrals. This family had been waiting on a house but when they finally got one, as they had been moving between B&Bs on a daily basis, they only had the bags they had been carrying. We arrived with this family the day after they had moved in, floors were bear, rooms empty and Mums phone had no battery – but she had no electric to charge it – but couldn’t get electric as she had no phone battery to call them on.  A really impossible situation.

Before & After – From sleeping on a hard floor to a mattress and clean bedding.



Mental Health Issues

Below you’ll see some before and after photos from a recent house clean that we did for a mum and her four kids who we had previously visited on a referral. We helped with cleaning and organising for Mum who has mental health and hoarding issues. We will continue to support this family and work through the house step by step.



We are making a difference (10 fold increase in help)

In 2018 in January and February Forget me Notts had helped 4 children,.

So far in 2019 we have helped 40 children by providing them with everything from Birthday presents to beds,  just showing how much they’ve grown in a year and with help now have the capacity and resources to do this with more staff on board and amazing people making a difference.

But it’s just the tip of the iceberg

Already we have over 1500 children known to the care system. Some of these kids are in care, others with foster parents and many living in poverty. The only gifts some of these kids receive at Christmas and Easter is the chocolates we give to them.

What can you do to help?

Would you like to help ?  We can’t do this on our own, so we’re asking for help from our friends and colleagues across the UK.  We’d like to develop other hubs across the UK, starting in some of the most needy areas.  Can you help?

From one off monetary donations, regular monthly donations, clothing, furniture, you’ll be surprised what a difference it will make.  

If you think you can help with regular sustained monthly support to expand a project near you, please get in touch.