Christmas, Twelfth Night, Wise Men Bearing Gifts and an Epiphany

12th Night - Taking down Christmas decorations is a tradition on this night
12th Night – Taking down Christmas decorations is a tradition on this night

Christmas has come and gone, and whatever Christmastide means to you I hope that you and yours have had a happy and festive time – with New Year celebrations already a distant memory, may I wish you all a happy New Year too. 

Wise Men Bearing Gifts 

Twelfth night has just passed, which for many means the taking down of Christmas decorations, not wanting bad luck to fall on them in the year to follow should they remain in place any longer than 12 days after Christmas. In other parts of the world, this day is called three kings day, and theologians tell the story of three wise men visiting an infant child born 12 days earlier. In Italy, Epiphany is associated with the figure of Befana a broomstick-riding old woman who, in the night between January 5 and 6, brings gifts to children.

To some the broomstick also means the sweeping away of the problems of the year past, and looking forward to the New Year to come. Some also take this time after taking down the decorations to spring clean the house ready for the new year.

Many others make new year resolutions, to give something up, to try something new, to lose a few pounds, to be healthier, and many other things, and many of these resolutions will be broken over the course of the next few months too no doubt 🙂 

For some however their Christmas and New Year has seen less joyous times

Relationship breakdowns, domestic violence, substance and drug abuse, behavioural problems and unemployment are just some of the issues.

Those brave souls fleeing from such troubled situations, especially those with dependants, can be in very similar situation to our Christmas story … no room at an inn or a hostel, no crib for a bed, just a mattress on the floor, and little in the way of gifts. And this is not in some far flung corner of the third world, this is happening in some of our major UK cities across the UK, right now!

Forget Me Notts

After meeting the guys behind Forget-me-Notts, a UK project of Operation Orphan, a great charity looking after the needs of the children caught up in these troubled situations in my own city, I had an Epiphany of my own back in December.

These tireless wise men (and women) get on their virtual broomsticks, Befana style, but don’t bear gifts of gold or Frankincense, but clothing, bedding, mattresses, toys, and whatever is needed to get these people back on track, and most importantly support the children and dependants that get caught up in something completely beyond their control ….

New Years Resolution

So my New Years resolution, is to support these guys in any way we can. And not only for 2019 but for the long term. But I’m not stopping at my own city. Thousands of kids across the UK are in similar situations, and I hope with our local presence in Nottingham and our national profile with Property Protector we, with your help too, can make a difference to these kids’ lives.

We’ll be blogging every month to keep you updated on events, how our progress is helping, and should you want to part of this too, why not drop us a line, it would be great to hear from you and help spread the message to other areas in the UK.

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