Nearly Half of Tenants Fall Out With Their Landlords

It can be cause enough to move, with 89% of people questioned saying they would consider moving if they didn’t have a good relationship with their landlord.

The survey, carried out by Lightbulbs Direct, showed that 49% of UK tenants had fallen out with their landlord in the past, over issues including cleaning, maintenance and home improvements.

And it’s a matter which for some seems to be difficult to rectify, as almost a fifth described their landlord as being unapproachable. This is at odds with best practices by landlords to maintain an open and honest conversation with their tenants, in order to keep them happy but also to ensure they feel able to report a problem so that damage that could get worse isn’t neglected.

Of course a happy tenant is less likely to move, a process that can cause as much of a headache for the landlord as it does for the tenant.

The top 5 landlord call out reasons:

  1. Fixing a damaged window (66%)
  2. Seeking consent to decorate (49%)
  3. Broken appliance (46%)
  4. Unblock a plug or toilet (33%)
  5. Clean a dirty property (33%)

These sometimes small jobs have the potential to turn sour, resulting in a breakdown in communication which can be awkward and stressful for all parties involved.

Over half of tenants aged 18-34 have argued with their landlord in the past, while this figure is much lower for tenants aged over 55. This older age range is also much less likely to miss a rental payment (5%) compared of those aged 25-34 years.

“Finding out who your landlord is before you sign a tenancy agreement is extremely important and will help you to understand how approachable they’re going to be in a crisis,” said David Tetlow, ecommerce manager at Lightbulbs Direct.

“You should always take the time to research and understand your rights as a tenant and your landlord’s rights to avoid any difficult situations in the future too.”