Property Emergency Insurance: What’s in it for your clients?

With a portfolio of properties to take care of, it’s not a question of “if” something goes wrong with one of them, so much as “when”.

Costing just £47 per policy,(not per property) Property Emergency Insurance can provide your clients with a cost-effective way to manage future problems with their flats, houses or commercial premises.

A broken door leaves a property unsecured, while the loss of power supply, heating or a vermin infestation can make a tenant’s home uninhabitable.

Your client may already have Loss of Rent and Alternative Accommodation cover, but dealing with emergencies quickly before they intensify is always going to be preferable and most likely cheaper.

So what’s featured as part of Property Emergency Insurance?

  • Breakdown of the main heating system
  • Plumbing and drainage problems
  • Damage to, or failure of, your property’s security Including locks and window
  • Breakage or failure of your sole toilet unit
  • Loss of your domestic power supply
  • Lost keys
  • Vermin infestation

Consider the expense of any one of these problems in one property, and you can begin to get an idea of just how much they can cost clients in the absence of a policy which can cover multiple premises, all for less than a pound a week in premium.

With the cover comes 24-hour response, 365 days a year, as there’s no telling when an emergency might crop up.

There’s also the added value of the positive relationships your clients will be able to maintain with their tenants as they deal quickly with a crisis.

This is thanks to the financial support this type of insurance provides, covering things like labour, materials and alternative accommodation.

Talk to us at Property Protector to see how you can help your clients protect their portfolio from sudden and unexpected problems, with Property Emergency Insurance.