Forget me Notts Update – April 2019

‘Hands on Help’ with referrals
So April had us literally ‘hands on’ with one of `Forget-me-notts’, urgent referrals.

Sean is now a fully fledged volunteer, and has committed several days per month to help out on referrals where necessary.

His first referral was for a single parent family, just recovering from a fire damaged house that they had only just been rehoused into following a domestic violence situation.  With most of their belongings damaged by either fire or smoke the team were able to supply new beds, bedding and even a new wardrobe for the family of four, who were all sleeping together in the front room. Having literally nothing left after the fire, we were also able to help out with toiletries, and personal care items for their 18 and 16 years old daughters,  and their 14 year old son, together with an Easter treat for the children too.

“From the outset I made it very clear that I wanted to help at the coal face” said Sean. “Seeing first hand the difference we make, only makes me more committed to the charity, and hope to be helping many more families in the months to come”

Forget Me Notts director,  Cyrilyn Moore, said “A big thank you to everyone who donated furniture to this referral, this family didn’t have much to begin with and now they’ve lost the few possessions that they did have – and a second huge thank you to Sean from Property Protector who has generously been supporting Forget-Me-Notts in many ways through out this year and came out on his first referral today!” 



The Big Easter Egg Delivery
April also see’s one of the biggest events for Forget me Notts, and 2019 was no exception – the big Easter egg delivery. Over 1500 children are known to social services in the local area, and we make sure all of them have something ‘eggciting’ to look forward to for Easter.  With various donations across the area, from individuals, companies and supermarkets alike, and distributed by the Forget Me Notts team across the region, we’ve had a whole load of happy kids this Easter.



What’s Next

We’re committed to expanding this help to vulnerable kids and their families across the UK, not just here in Nottingham.  But there are other areas in dire need of help, and we are looking at these areas too :-

Would you like to help ?  
We can’t do this on our own, so we’re asking for help and would like to partner with likeminded businesses, friends and colleagues across the UK. We’d like to develop other hubs across the UK, starting in some of the most needy areas.  Can you help?

North West England, North East England, South Yorkshire are our next target areas.
Even it’s just £50 per month from 50 businesses, you’ll be surprised what a difference it will make.  

(That’s just one cup of coffee a day – think about it !)

If you think you can help with regular sustained monthly support to expand a project near you, please get in touch.