Forget me Notts Update – May 2019

Doubling Referrals – Helping more of those in need.

So we’re nearly half way through 2019 and so far this year  we have helped 117 children, with 24 more children pending over the next two weeks (referrals have been scheduled!). In the same period last year  65 children were helped through Forget Me Notts. That’s almost double in the same time frame.

We couldn’t do it without the help of our volunteers, great team and of course donations and funding, so thanks to everyone that contributes to Forget me Notts in whatever way.

We need transport !
With so many referrals, and being able to fulfil them in good time, we’ve realised that we are going to need a permanent vehicle.  In the past we’ve relied on one off ad hoc rentals, and loan vehicles from generous people, but we are now on the hunt for something big and roomy to get all those beds, mattresses and furniture delivered those in desperate need of them.

So we’re looking for someone to help us out with a van.  We’ve looked at various options, outright purchase, contract lease, contract hire or second hand etc etc.  We need to keep costs low of course, and don’t really want any nasty surprises, so a servicing and maintenance plan would be great too !

I’d love to seek out help from our extended network – who knows, there may be those of you out there with connections in van leasing, motor dealers and manufacturers,  clients, contacts or customers.  Any help you guys can give us, we’d really appreciate it. You can contact me as always on, or DM me through any of our social media channels.

Kind words for kind deeds
Having been on the front line of referrals, we know how much it means to the people we try to help. The look of sheer joy on their faces when we arrive with needed furniture, beds, mattresses, sheets and duvets really makes everything we do worth while.  We also receive feedback from social services and housing associations working with these vulnerable families which just enforces what we are doing is so well received.

This lovely comment came from homelessness prevention worker dealing with a girl that had suffered abuse and was quite understandly emotionless.  Things changed when they brought in her new mattress. The team have all commented on the transformation in the girls face and how for that moment she felt joy and love.  Moments like these don’t have a value. 

“I have been in touch with the foster carer of the young lady you delivered the donated goods to on Wednesday. She wanted me to pass on her gratitude to you and the organisation. She spoke of being overwhelmed by your generous donations and the assistance you gave to help move the item in to the property. To this I would like to add my own thanks, without organisations such as yours families would be without essential items and would suffer real hardship.”



What’s next? 

There are great things happening over the course of the next few weeks, more of which I’ll update you with in the next blog. Needless to say our reach is now extending to some significant people across the country, which we hope will benefit and secure the future growth of the charity and extend our reach beyond Notts.

We’re committed to expanding this help to vulnerable kids and their families across the UK, not just here in Nottingham.  But there are other areas in dire need of help, and we are looking at these areas too :-

Would you like to help ?  
We can’t do this on our own, so we’re asking for help and would like to partner with likeminded businesses, friends and colleagues across the UK. We’d like to develop other hubs across the UK, starting in some of the most needy areas.  Can you help?

North West England, North East England, South Yorkshire are our next target areas.
Even it’s just £50 per month from 50 businesses, you’ll be surprised what a difference it will make.   

(That’s just one cup of coffee a day – think about it !)

If you think you can help with regular sustained monthly support to expand a project near you, please get in touch.