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We just want to give you all a quick update on what’s happening in Property Protector this year. Last year finished really positively for us, and we’re looking forward to 2018 with the continued support of BN and our Partner Insurers. Our message is a simple one, we provide a “One Stop Shop” for all types of Property Owners risks. We don’t rely on a computer to spit out standard premium’s but instead work with you to achieve what you need to retain existing and win new clients. We appreciate that there are quite a few players in the market but the fact that, as wholesalers, we still have a retention rate of over 80% and new business conversion rate of 25% shows we must be doing something right!

New Starter

We’re delighted to welcome a new addition to the Property Protector team. Lisa Price-Carson has joined us as a Business Development Manager, following previous Regional Business Development roles for Vasek and Towergate. She also has extensive experience working in local community brokerages. You can contact Lisa via the details below.

Lisa Price-Carson Cert CII
Business Development Manager
Property Protector
m: 07467 531471



ARAG Legal & Property Emergency Cover

We continue to maintain our unique per policy product with ARAG and with effect from the 1st March 2018 there is a pricing review. Our standard Legal expenses will be £25.00 and our Property Emergency Cover will be £47.00 ( Both inclusive of IPT) Apart from IPT adjustments this is the first amendment since 2009 and bearing in mind the cost is per policy not per property like many of our competitiors, we are confident that this remains a market leading product, with a number of our brokers, using it to win substantial portfolio accounts.


We introduced a new set of email addresses towards the end of last year XXXX@propertyprotector.co.uk instead of the XXXX@bnlpp.co.uk We have found that a couple of brokers have experienced difficulty with the new @propertyprotector address. Unfortunately it does not show as an undelivered nor is it received at this end. Could we please ask that you keep an eye on any cases where a response is slow, we pride ourselves in speed of response and would normally expect to make contact with you within 24 hours – Thank you.


New Website

Our new website has been developed to assist you when dealing with all classes of Property Owners’ business, as opposed to just selling Property Protector. The development will include a series of forms and sales aids that you will be able to print off to use either at the point of sale or to assist you in getting your clients to comply with policy requirements, e.g. an unoccupied visit register, our product comparison charts etc . If there are any forms that you would particularly like please let us know. We’ll also be using and developing our blog and have added a new article today that is particularly relevant to our Scottish brokers.    We’re confident that 2018 will be a great year and we aim to be in a position to ensure that the BN/Property Protector products prosper and grows. We look forward to working closely with you over the course of the year!

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