All our business is done on a statement of fact basis so to obtain a quotation you simply need to email us your  presentation.

The more information you give us relating to the risk, your relationship with the client/prospect and your target the better the chance we have of helping you win the business.

Why do we always ask for a target premium?

This is simply due to the fact that we have a delegated authority up to a certain level and we will always quote you the best terms we have with our partners’ so you can decide which is the best option for your client.

However if your target is below our book rates we can put a case to our insurers based on the information you have supplied to attempt to achieve your goal.

Key Features

  •  The more information you can supply the more competitive the premium should become


Beneath this section are a number of standard forms that are designed to assist you in obtaining the information we need to obtain the best terms for you and your clients


Rob Pountney

Managing Director, Murton Alexander Insurance

"We have used the Property Protector scheme since it first launched in 2002. Being brokers like ourselves, the underwriting team understand the problems we face, and are always sympathetic to our needs. This attitude coupled with their background in Property Management means that they are a valued partner and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to any member who has property owning clients."

Grant Ellis

Property Protector Policyholder

"I have known the team at Property Protector for many years and when my broker recommended them to me as a carrier for my personal property owners business I had no hesitation in accepting. They act with great professionalism and the service standards are first class. As a customer I have no hesitation in recommending the Property Protector product."

Steve Allwright

Director, Firth & Scott Insurance Brokers

"Firth and Scott have been placing both residential and commercial property owners business on the Property Protector Scheme since 2002. During this period we have found the underwriting staff sympathetic and flexible in meeting our clients’ needs. The policy wording in respect of unoccupied premises has proven to be an extremely popular policy benefit with our clients. When called upon, we have found the claims handling service to be proactive, efficient and fair."

Nicolas Martin

Director, Guy Penn & Company

"Since commencing using Property Protector in 2005, we have been very impressed not just with the breadth of cover (which automatically includes Accidental Damage and Terrorism), and competitive pricing but also with the excellent service we receive which results in our obtaining quotations and cover confirmations within 24 hours of request in most cases"